Buy 10 Get 1 Free Voucher

Hello tourists, already planning a vacation with family or colleagues but confused about where to vacation? Maribaya Resort is the place. Why Maribaya Resort? because in addition to the natural scenery that spoils the eyes and the cool atmosphere, you can enjoy all the facilities provided for FREE such as: Rainbow bridge Cigulung Photospot Cikawari […]

VIP Private Bathtub Pass

Hello tourists, do you want to soak privately with your partner or want to relax your own body without any distractions? VIP Private Bathtub is the solution. Currently we provide a special promo for those of you who want to enjoy this VIP Private Bathtub, so just buy this canal ticket for 90,000 / person […]

VIP Pool Pass

Hello tourists, maribaya currently there is an interesting promo, want to know what the promo is? Let’s see For the first promo we are there is a VIP Pool Ticket promo, so you usually have to buy an entrance ticket first before soaking in the VIP Pool, this time maribaya give you free admission and […]